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Vegan Menu


Vegan soup of the day                                                                          4.50


Garlic mushroom crostini, toasted ciabatta topped with 

mushrooms pan fried in olive oil & garlic                               5.95


Apple, grape & pine nut salad, honey cranberry & brandy

dressing, crispy croutons                                                          5.95



Vegan coconut & chick pea curry, with tomatos, peppers,

and curry spices, a mild curry served with rice and tomato

salad                                                                                              13.95


Stuffed tomatoes, garlic & herb rice, sauté potatoes &

red peppers & sundried tomato sauce                                     12.95


Mushroom risotto, garlic & white wine, toasted pine nuts

wilted spinach & crispy parsnips                                               13.95




Vegan ice cream & fruit                                                             4.50

Vegan Sticky toffee pudding & Ice cream                              5.95

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