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Mixed marinated olives 3.50
Spicy coated nuts  2.50
Stuffed vine leaves 4.95
Selection of cured meats 5.95
Crusty warm bread, garlic & chilli oil  3.25
Cheese board, 4 cheeses, biscuits, fruit, chutney butter  8.50
Vegetarian platter, nuts, olives, vines leaves, capers, sun dried tomatoes, 4 cheeses, crackers, hummus, chutney, fruit 11.50
Meat & cheese platter, nuts, olives, vine leaves, mixed cured meat, 4 cheeses, crackers, hummus, capers, sundried tomatoes, fruit 15.50


Vegan & gluten free options available too

2 4 £10  Cocktails

Passionfruit martini
Vodka, passion fruit, lime, notes of smooth vanilla and marshmallow 

Expresso Martini
Smooth coffee flavoured cocktail, vanilla & chocolate, Smirnoff vodka

Pink Gin Martini
Raspberry & lemon, red berries & pink gin

Strawberry Daiquiri
Captain Morgan's spiced rum, ripe strawberries, juicy limes, vanilla & spice 

All above £5.95 if bought individually

Other cocktails


Aperol spritz, Aperol, prosecco, soda, orange slice 7.95

Mojito, white rum, lime, sugar, mint, soda 6.95

Berry Tom Colins, Lakeland gin, lemon juice, soda mixed berries 6.95

Bay Breeze, vodka, pineapple, cranberry, lime wedge 6.95

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